The uPVC Windows Alliance recently presented a very interesting video about benefits of uPVC windows and importance of energy efficiency windows system in Australian climate. Please find an article and video below.

Worldwide, more than half of all new and replacement residential windows are uPVC, chosen for their durability, low maintenance, high thermal performance and style.

In Australia, the uPVC Windows Alliance is the industry body dedicated to promoting education about the attributes of uPVC windows relevant to this country. As part of the communication platform, the uPVC Windows Alliance has developed a new video explaining the benefits of uPVC windows and the importance of energy efficient window systems in Australia’s climate.

The US and Europe have long focused on energy efficient windows. However residential windows in Australia typically perform very poorly in terms of thermal efficiency.

Windows are the single most important source of heat loss or gain from an insulated building – an unprotected single pane of ordinary glass loses almost 10 times more heat than the same area of insulated wall. There has long been a misconception in Australia that double glazing is only for cold climates to keep the cold outside, but double glazing and thermally effective frames are also just as efficient in keeping the heat of an Australian summer out, maintaining comfortable indoor air temperatures year round.

Designed for home owners, architects, specifiers and designers, this new video demonstrates why thermal performance is one of the most important characteristics of a window system.

The uPVC Window Alliance is supported by globally leading brands, committed to delivering quality uPVC window systems for Australian conditions.

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