Anton Starodubstev — Director of the WindowsFactory
Anton Starodubstev

Anton is the Director of the WindowsFactory. He believes strongly in the environmental and cost benefits of double glazed uPVC windows and doors.

“Modern uPVC windows significantly reduce energy costs by up to 70%. They keep homes insulated, secure and full of natural light”.
“uPVC double-glazing can give even bigger benefits to Australians. In the winter uPVC windows and doors keep out the cold and save heating costs. In the Australian summer uPVC also gives us another huge benefit. It helps reduce the costs of your air conditioning by insulating your home from the hot air outside. It saves us money and saves the environment”.

“I have a great product. I know that everybody wins when they use it. We save money, reduce greenhouse gases and create a great environment for our children. Call WIndowsFactory now to talk about the benefits to you of our great product.”
  • We provide and install highly-efficient, European quality, double-glazed, uPVC windows and doors in Australia. Our products offer the widest colour range available in Australia.
  • We provide comprehensive technical advice on all aspects of installing double-glazed, uPVC windows and doors. Our experienced and European-trained people are very willing to talk to you about your needs.
  • Our products offer a range of environmental and cost-saving benefits that make them a highly desirable product for Australian homes:

impactFire-safe and weatherproof

uPVC double-glazing is highly resistant to wind & driving rain. Our windows & doors can withstand high winds (equivalent to four-times atmospheric pressure). They are fire-safe.

thermalStrong insulation

uPVC double-glazing offers much higher insulation than other products. This reduces your air-conditioning costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.

stylishFit all spaces

Our products are versatile and can be designed to fit different spaces, small to large sizes and different opening preferences.


Our products are designed for sustainability. Our uPVC is lead-free and engineered to be termite resistant.

We offer a range of European brands. Our people are available to talk about your needs. Contact us now for information or help with your requirements.

Our vision

Our vision is that every Australian homeowner will consider uPVC double glazed doors and windows as an option for their home to save them money and to protect the environment.

Our mission

We want to be an exceptional business—successful and committed to sustainability. We want to create financial, social and environmental profits. Our aims are:

  1. To be leaders in promoting the environmental and cost benefits of double-glazed uPVC windows and doors in the Australian market.
  2. To provide high levels of satisfaction to our customers for the benefits of our product and in the delivery of our service.
  3. To provide opportunities for our employees and business partners to develop and grow as we do.
  4. To contribute to reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint of Australian homes.

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