We are happy to present stylish Cosiflor blinds that will save you money on energy costs and will reduce heat penetration considerably. If you have uPVC windows or doors, aluminium sliding/casement windows, timber windows, non-square windows, conservatory ceiling windows, or glass doors, Cosiflor blinds will have a shade solution.

There is a great choice of fabric that will control the amount of light entering the room and the level of transparency, whether you want to open them from top to bottom or bottom to top.

The 2 types of blinds that we would like to present:

Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

The blinds are available in these designs

VS1 – our standard and most popular tensioned blind, draws from the top down, (if required can be fitted upside down and drawn from the bottom up). VS blinds are supplied with a rail fixing at the top and two small stylish tension shoes to fix the cords at the bottom leaving you able to wipe clean the window sill and surrounds as necessary. When fitting to PVC windows reveals a third rail is required instead of the feet, (please order VS1 BR (bottom rail)

VS2 – a floating bunch blind where the blind can be drawn both from the top down and the bottom up without needing to turn it around in its brackets, giving you maximum versatility of shade and privacy. Bottom rail option available.

VS3 – a day/night blind consisting of two fabrics, usually one opaque and one translucent working on one blind. Combining different fabrics lets you create different moods, privacy and light levels easily.

All the blinds differ by colours and materials and and represented in different Price Groups, where PG0: is the lowest price group and PG4: is the highest price Group.

Pleated Blinds colours and Price Groups range

Cosiflor Honeycomb Blinds colours and Price Groups range