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We would like to offer these uPVC Windows and Doors with 50% discount from original price.
These items might suit someone who is building a new house or doing a renovation project.

uPVC Windows and Doors

uPVC Window - Awning

Awning Windows

This is a popular choice of window style, often chosen because of their functional design.…

uPVC Window - Casement

Casement Windows

Casement uPVC windows are one of the most popular window styles in Europe. They are…

uPVC Window - Fixed

Fixed Windows

Fixed uPVC windows are the ideal choice in window to capture natural light and compliment…

uPVC Window - Sliding

Sliding Windows

Sliding uPVC windows from WindowsFactory™ are an excellent choice, especially in servery situations between kitchen…

uPVC Window - Tilt

Tilt and Turn Windows

At WindowsFactory™, we’ll offer you a range of tilt and turn uPVC windows to compliment…

uPVC Doors - Bi-Fold

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-folding uPVC doors can create a whole new ambience for your home. More and more…

uPVC Door - French

French Doors

With beautiful French uPVC doors from WindowsFactrory™ you are sure to get maximum sunlight and…

uPVC Doors - Sliding

Sliding Doors

The sliding uPVC door opens up your home within seconds and gives you an uninterrupted…

uPVC Door - Tilt and Slide

Tilt and Slide Doors

The tilt and slide uPVC doors are very similar to sliding uPVC doors, the only…

Standard Sizes uPVC Windows and Doors

We stock a large number of UPVC Doors and Windows. We have standard sizes in stock.

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