uPVC Windows - Awning

This is a popular choice of window style, often chosen because of their functional design.

uPVC-Window-AwningWindowsFactory™ awning uPVC windows are made with two siliconised rubber seals, that provide you with 100% air tight seals against dust. In the complete open position, the ventilation is at capacity and, encouraged more thorough airflow. When closed, the awning uPVC window offers excellent resistance against moisture and strong wind.

The windows are fitted with the exclusive European hardware scissor system, conveniently attached to the sash at the bottom of the window for simplistic use and a no fuss approach.

Awning uPVC windows can be fitted in most places, but are commonly seen on decks and in walkways due to their projecting nature.

An additional feature of the user friendly awning uPVC window is the ability for it to be left open in rain and extreme weather conditions to promote airflow, whilst simultaneously preventing moisture contamination.

WindowsFactory™ awning uPVC windows comply with highest requirements in sound insulation and protection against burglary.

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