uPVC Doors - Sliding Door

The sliding uPVC door opens up your home within seconds and gives you an uninterrupted and stylishly framed view of whatever lies outside, whether that be the flower garden or sunny beach beyond.

uPVC-Door-SlidingThe sliding uPVC  doors can be configured with either two, three or four sashes that horizontally slide on tracks, to the left or right. The sliding uPVC door can be elegantly combined with other window products, and can be custom-designed to fit any style or structural requirement. As a result, our standard sliding doors are very durable and are widely used in commercial and residential applications.

WindowsFactory™ offers sliding uPVC doors with numerous combination options. Each of our sliding uPVC doors is tailor-made and designed to be an elegant eye-catching introduction to your home as well as providing for that other important element: keeping your home safe and secure at all times. That's why WindowsFactory™ apply only the strongest materials with security features that come with a standard 10-year guarantee.

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