uPVC Windows - Sliding

uPVC-Window-Sliding Sliding uPVC windows from WindowsFactory™ are an excellent choice, especially in servery situations between kitchen and outside enjoyment areas. Sliding uPVC windows are also the safe choice as they don’t protrude onto decks or walkways.

WindowsFactory™ offer a range of user friendly options for your sliding uPVC windows; double glaze opening panels will improve thermal and acoustic performance at the same time you’ll find that your heating and cooling bills are drastically reduced.

Because they are non – projecting, sliding windows can be fitted with retractable fly screens.

uPVC Windows - Fixed

uPVC-Window-FixedFixed uPVC windows are the ideal choice in window to capture natural light and compliment uninterrupted views from your home! They are often used to complement other windows and doors and are best placed in areas where ventilation is not mandatory, but when combined with other uPVC windows (casement, tilt and turn, sliding) they give required air circulation.

At WindowsFactory™ any combination of uPVC window types and performances are available for your project. Each combination performs at a high level of energy efficiency for all Australian’s climate zones. With quality glazing units and frames made from the Kömmerling™ profile, thermal efficiency requirements are maximised.

uPVC Windows - Casement

Casement uPVC windows are one of the most popular window styles in Europe.

uPVC-Window-CasementThey are stylish and sophisticated and can suite any traditional or contemporary house design.

Casement uPVC windows can be single or double with a covering sash hinged on the vertical side that opens to an approximate 90 degree outside angle. If the window is paired, the outside surface is easily maintained and cleaned from the inside through the second half.

All casement uPVC windows from WindowsFactory™ include a large number of security devices, including; multipoint locking, handle and key that creates a locking device and security bolts. Furthermore, there is a variety of insect screens to compliment the window.

Casement uPVC windows are an ideal solution for homes with limited indoor space due to the fact they open to the outside. Casement uPVC windows are highly recommended for areas where they do not open onto decks or walkways, in fact the second floor is where you would commonly find these windows!

WindowsFactory™ casement windows are supplied in any configuration to suit your home and come in both single panel or multi-panel configurations. The design of the casement uPVC window is to create a more comfortable, warmer home; meaning that you save energy and money!




uPVC Windows - Awning

This is a popular choice of window style, often chosen because of their functional design.

uPVC-Window-AwningWindowsFactory™ awning uPVC windows are made with two siliconised rubber seals, that provide you with 100% air tight seals against dust. In the complete open position, the ventilation is at capacity and, encouraged more thorough airflow. When closed, the awning uPVC window offers excellent resistance against moisture and strong wind.

The windows are fitted with the exclusive European hardware scissor system, conveniently attached to the sash at the bottom of the window for simplistic use and a no fuss approach.

Awning uPVC windows can be fitted in most places, but are commonly seen on decks and in walkways due to their projecting nature.

An additional feature of the user friendly awning uPVC window is the ability for it to be left open in rain and extreme weather conditions to promote airflow, whilst simultaneously preventing moisture contamination.

WindowsFactory™ awning uPVC windows comply with highest requirements in sound insulation and protection against burglary.

uPVC Windows - Tilt and Turn

At WindowsFactory™, we'll offer you a range of tilt and turn uPVC windows to compliment any frame.

uPVC-Window-TiltAustralia has embraced the tilt and turn uPVC windows concept, and today it stands as the most popular style due to its flexible design and installation.

The tilt and turn uPVC windows are simple, stylish and are very easy to operate. With a simple twist of the handle, the window can be tilted inwards, from the top of the design, for normal, free flowing, ventilation. A further half-turn of the handle allows you to open the window the whole way, from the side of the frame, to let the fresh air in. This type of window can make a stylish alternative to casement windows and is adaptable with an exterior insect repellent screen, which is removable from the inside of the room!

The tilt and turn uPVC window is ideal for multi-storey buildings due to the easily accessible external window face from inside your home. uPVC-Window-TurnSo, when it comes to cleaning, nothing could be simpler and faster! The entire frame can be cleaned without resorting to ladders or expensive cleaning systems. There's no need to pay cleaners with WindowsFactory™ tilt and turn uPVC windows, these unnecessary expenses are a thing of the past and puts the money back where it should be – in your hip pocket!

Generally the tilt position window provides you with ample ventilation directing airflow towards the ceiling; whereas the turn position, when completely open, can air a complete room in very little time.

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